Iconic Handbags To Invest In

When it comes to fashion I don't really fall into a category of 'luxury buyer' or 'bargain hunter'.  If I like something and I think it's worth the money I'll get it.  With clothes I do tend to buy more from the high street as I don't always think it's worth investing in uber expensive designer clothes when the fashion changes so often.  However, I do like to invest in classic pieces.

Handbags for me though are my guilty pleasure.  When it's a classic handbag I know I'm going to get a lot of use from then I don't mind making the splurge once in a while.  I bought my first designer handbag (a Mulberry) about 6 years ago and I still use it now.  If you look after something well it really will last.

Since then I have gone on to buy quite a few Mulberry and Aspinal of London bags as I have a real love for British designers.  Their bags are so chic and timeless.  Perfect for the business woman running around the city with enough space to fit in all your essentials.  In the last couple of years I have taken to splurging on more smaller designer bags that I can use at the weekend or evenings out.

My advice when deciding whether to invest in a bag or not is to ask yourself firstly how much wear will you get out of it?  Look at the colour, will this go with a lot of clothes in your wardrobe?  Look at the size, will you fit everything you need in this?  Is it fit for purpose, if using for work, travel or nights out?

My favourites include:

Mulberry Bayswater is a cult classic and comes in many neutral colours.

YSL clutch although I believe this version is discontinued due to their Saint Laurent relaunch but I still really love it as a classic black bag.

Chloe Faye bag.  

This is my latest addition.  I wanted a smaller tan bag for weekends and holidays and also because you can never have too many tan bags!

Aspinal of London Marylebone tote.  
This is probably my favourite but it's huge.  I generally reserve it for work only but it's great as fits so much in and even has a compartment for your laptop/tablet.

Have you ever invested in an iconic handbag?

Lauren xx

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