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As I said in my recent Autumn Makeup Menu post here, fall time (albeit it's pretty much winter in London now) is a blogger's favourite time of the year because of all the beautiful colours that are out there.  I've rounded up what's hot for this season; colour, textures et all...

Burgundy and Plum

This is a kind of "florals in Spring?  Groundbreaking!" moment but I think burgundy has to be my all time favourite colour to wear so I'm happy enough to say goodbye to the sun if it means I get to wear my favourite colour for the next 6 months.  Plum is also a great colour, not just in clothes but also on the lips!

Left - Topshop £100
Right - ASOS £30

Still digging the suede this year.  I recently bought a gorgeous pink skirt from Forever21 that can be worn in summer or winter and I really want to get one in tan to wear with black tights and long boots.

Left - Nordstom $44
Right - Missguided £40


This boho, hippie trend is still very much alive whether it's on a skirt or a bag.  I have a black fringe vest which is perfect to throw over a plain t-shirt and give it a bit of edge. I'm also after a black suede fringe jacket as I'm so bored of wearing my leather one all the damn time!  Also, suede AND fringe, how on trend would I be?!

Left - Forever21 £28
Right - HM £20


I'm still loving overalls.  I bought a short pair for the summer but now winter is drawing closer I decided to invest in a long pair too.  I have blue denim in the short ones and went for black in the long which also have ripped knees which is another trend still going.

Left - Zara £40
Right - New Look - £27

What are you favourite trends right now?

Lauren xx


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