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As much as I hate to admit it, we are well and truly in the middle of fall here in London. In fact, give it a few weeks and we'll have hit winter.  I know everyone keeps saying it and it's getting bloody annoying now but seriously where has this year gone?!

Like most bloggers, I think autumn is one of the best seasons for beauty and fashion.  You get a complete 180 spin from summer with darker shades and lots of layers.  So here's a round up of what I'll be sporting on my face this fall.


After arriving at work this morning I suddenly realised that my foundation was a tad too dark now and I either need to slap on the fake tan or go for a shade lighter!  It's annoying, however, when you have to buy a few shades especially if they're expensive so I love this one from Covergirl as it's inexpensive and has so many shades to choose from.


I feel like I'm tired more as it gets colder and my skin definitely looks duller so I try to add a heavier concealer to correct this.  Mac Pro Longwear has always been a favourite of mine.


As for my bronzer I prefer to go a little lighter in the fall so go for something like Hoola by Benefit as it's a subtle shade but buildable.


I like burnt tones for fall so recently I've been reaching for Laura Geller's Mocha Latte which also acts as a bronzer and blush in one.


The best part about fall makeup for me is the lips!  And this isn't going to come as any surprise but I'm sure you can all agree we love a good plum or wine red right?  My favourite at the moment is Rebel by Mac with Night Moth lipliner.

What are you autumn makeup favourites?

Lauren xx


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