Thursday Ten: You Know You're A Londoner When...

"London isn't everybody's cup of tea, often you hear visitors complain.  Noisy, smokey city but it seems to me there's a magic in the fog and rain" - Hubert Gregg.

So what does it take to be a true Londoner?  Born and raised here I've listed what makes me a Londoner and why I love it so.

1. Everyone's your mate whether you like them or not.  

From a friendly "Alright mate" to a stern "Listen mate".  Oh, and those "bloody" tourists. We like to say bloody A LOT.

2.  You grew up eating pie and mash.  

My dad loves a bit of pie and mash, so does my grandad and his dad too.  You can't have it without liquor though, that's the green sauce they pour on top made from parsley.  Lovely jubbly.  And if you were fortunate enough like me you got to visit the famous Manzies in Bermondsey.

3.  You have a tube map embossed on your mental fabric.  

Yes I know which every coloured line correlates to and can tell you how to get anywhere in zone 1.

4.  You know your cockney rhyming slang.  

My family are all Londoners so I was taught this from a very young age.  It's literally like their own language but quite easy when you know how.  See more here.

5.  Millwall Til I Die.  Forever Blowing Bubbles.  Goooooooooonersssssssss!

6.  You learnt to ride your bike/roller skate in one of our amazing parks.  

My grandparents live in Greenwich so I spent a lot of time here over summer holidays and this is where I learnt to ride my bike.  I also have great memories of roller blading around the band stand!

7.  You grew up watching Only Fools & Horses and On The Buses.

8.  You've met a Pearly King or Queen and know how to do the Lambeth Walk.  

Not only have I met a Pearly King and Queen, I've even dressed as one and did the Lambeth Walk on stage at the London Palladium.

9.  You learnt nursery rhymes such as London Bridge is Falling Down.

10.  You truly believe you live in the best city in the world.  And you're right :)

So how bloody London are you me old china?

Lauren xx


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