11 Healthy Habits You Need To Make

I'll admit it, I'm not the healthiest of people but I don't think I'm the worst either.  I try to be healthy 5 out of 7 days of the week which I don't think is too bad.  We are human after all and if we tried to be healthy all the time we would just end up crashing and all the hard work will be wasted.  That said, here are a few little changes you can make to becoming more healthy.

1. Drink more water

I take a bottle of water everywhere I go and fill it up during the day.

2. Eat more fruit

Add it to your breakfast or morning smoothie, snack on it during the day, having it as dessert after dinner.

3. Walk as much as you can

I literally walk everywhere as most Londoners do.  I walk to and from the station and the gym every day so see where you can fit walks in your daily routine.

4. Get enough sleep

Yay an excuse to sleep more!  We should get around 8 hours a night but for some reason I need 9 to function ;)

5. Exercise at least 3 times a week 

This is what the experts recommend for you to really reap the benefits and make sure it's for at least 20 minutes each time or it won't do anything.  I workout 6 times a week and you can see more on that here.

6. Swap up foods

So swap your usual junk food for healthier alternatives.  E.g. rather than a chocolate bar or bag of crisps have some fruit or nuts.

7. Pick your cheat days

Mine are Fridays and Saturdays bcos I know those are the days I'm more likely to eat out or veg in front of the telly.

8. Switch off from social media

In this day and age we can get really obsessed by what's on the internet and that's not healthy so switch off for an hour or two a day and you'll feel a lot better I promise.  You can read more on that here.

9. Try to get in some protein

Protein is so important in many ways.  It helps build muscle and restore it.  It will also keep you feeling fuller for longer so less likely to snack!  I like my protein in quorn or egg form and you can read more of my vegetarian eats here.

10. Prepare meals

This is something I need to get better at but some people cook up a whole batch of food for the week and freeze it when they haven't got time to cook.  I do always take my own lunch to work however and I like to write a shopping list before I do my groceries.

11. Take a holiday/vacation

Holidays are a great way to de-stress and switch off from our worries.  I know we can't always afford a luxurious get-away but stay-cations are becoming really popular now so go explore your own town or do what I just did and look out for cheap flights on Ryanair starting at just £9.99!

Do you have any healthy habits to add to my list?

Lauren xx


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