Thursday Ten: How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Welcome to my new series of Thursday Ten.  I want to add more 'life' stuff on my blog rather than just beauty and fashion.
Starting off with how to take the perfect selfie because at this day and age with social media and technology as vast as it is, we all love a good selfie!
1.  Make sure the camera is at the right angle.  Taking it too high or too low can enhance features you may not want enhancing!
2.  Try and get a nice background.  Obviously you don't need anything amazing because the main feature is you but nothing horrible like a toilet or rubbish bin.
3.  Use filters.  We all do this either on Instagram or the iPhone's filter options.  This can bring out colours or make you look more tanned.
4.  Air brushing.  This may be taking it too far but I have an app called Cream Cam and it basically air brushes your face.  I only use it on 50% as it can look too obvious otherwise but it's good for blurring out any imperfections.
5.  Good lighting.  Try to take in natural light and stand in front of a window.  If it's night time stand under the light or in front of a lamp.
6.  Try and try again.  Take more than one shot and play around a bit to see what you like best and what works for you.
7.  Confidence.  Taking selfies can actually boost your confidence.  If you really like one, set it as your profile picture or post it on Instagram to see how many likes you get.  Confidence boosted :)
8.  Pixels.  Use a camera with good pixels.  Generally most smart phones now have really good cameras in them.  You can also get a great shot from SLR cameras too though.
9.  Make sure you delete any ugly ones you don't like!
10.  Practise your smile in front of the mirror before you take the shot.  Teeth, no teeth, pout?
Lauren xx



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