The Green Juice

If you’ve read any of my latest blog posts you’ll know that at the moment I’m on a bit of a health kick.  I don’t know whether it’s with summer coming up (AKA holiday season AKA Ibiza) or whether it’s because I’ve invested in some healthy cooking equipment and cookbooks but either way it’s a good lifestyle change for me and I’m feeling the benefits!

For Christmas my mum bought me a blender as I’ve wanted one for ages and this last month has seen me using it religiously.  A lot of people I see or hear of making juices or smoothies from a blender seem to only use fruit, which to be fair is a lot more tasty but I wanted to make mine super healthy and so I looked into some recipes for the infamous Green Juices I’ve heard so much about.

I’ve found that making a green juice is actually just adding, well, greens to your usual fruit concoction and you know what, you can hardly taste the greens at all.  Here are two of my favourite recipes:

Kiwi x 2
1 cup almond milk
1 cup spinach

This one tastes really creamy and all you can really taste is the banana.  You can’t taste the spinach at all, promise!  It’s a good one to try for your first time.

1 cup of chopped melon
1 tangerine
1 cup of rocket
1 cup of orange juice

This one you can taste the peppery rocket flavour slightly but it’s not too bad.  It’s very refreshing.

I’ve really been enjoying using my blender and make myself a juice every morning for breakfast.  I normally make enough for two glasses so leave the leftover in the fridge for the next morning.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and please let me know if you have any other ones, I’d love to try!

Lauren xx

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