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I think I've mentioned this camera in another blog post (or it may have been the D3200) but I have been in the market for a really decent camera for ages now and still haven't gotten around to getting one.  I feel like if I'm going to spend that sort of money I want a really good excuse to buy it and I figured as I'll be taking my final exam next month maybe I should treat myself then?  This camera looks the nuts so I'm hoping to get my hands on one soon!

I've seen a lot of people rocking these types of slip on sneakers with a sort of chunky sole (click on the link above to see what I mean) and I found these really cool ones in H&M about a month or so ago.  The ones I have are snake skin print which I don't think they stock anymore but I've found some leopard print ones that are just as cool and only £12.99! I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of them this Spring and they're super comfty too.

I keep walking past this jacket in my local Peacocks and I think I might have to go in and purchase.  It's the perfect Spring jacket as it's a nice light colour with a bit of colour and sparkle great for daytime or in the evening when it gets a bit chilly.  It reminds me of the one Millie Mackintosh has from Zara.  Peacocks isn't somewhere I really shop but because I have one in my local highstreet I do walk past a lot and see some nice things in the window.  It's really cheap AND does student discount.

About a month ago I decided to give up my Virgin Active membership and look for another gym.  Not because I didn't like Virgin but every year I like to change gyms because I feel it motivates me more to go. However, when I realised how close my exam was I didn't think there was any point in joining until after as I probably wouldn't have the time to go as much so in the meantime I have been running a few times a week.  I found this app on iTunes which I think is great.  It measures the distance of how far you've run, time, speed and calorie consumption so you know exactly how much you're pushing yourself and how much more you need to push next time!

I've been really getting into this band of late.  A lot of people say they're like the new One Direction but I think they're sound is more indie and mature personally.  I've downloaded most of their songs and can't wait for the album to come out.  They're fun and cheeky and their music just puts me in a really good mood. So I guess I can officially call myself a Vampette!

I tried to pin it down to one particular pair of jeans but I just can't, I love all of them!  I recently bought some navy skinny jeans as I didn't have any in this colour and really wanted them.  I think I mentioned them in my January Sales Haul.  They have lots of skinny jeans in different colours for about £25 which I think is such a bargain.  I'm also really loving the distressed, ripped jeans they have in there at the moment.

My mum bought me the cutest mug recently which has 3 little pugs on it.  I absolutely love pug dogs and really want one but can't at the moment as I live in a flat.  I couldn't find the exact one my mum got me but I found this one which is similar.  Not quite the same as the real thing but it will have to do for now and obviously I have my two lovely bunny rabbits which I adore :)

I'm really trying to go on a health kick at the moment and have been making juices for breakfast everyday in my blender.  For lunch I have been OBSESSED with eating sushi and the one I buy is the veggie taster from Tesco as I'm a vegetarian.  It's reasonably priced that I don't mind buying it each day and it's satisfying enough to take me through till dinner time where I've been making my own healthy meals from scratch using my Honestly Healthy cookbook.

I haven't gotten around to seeing this yet where I've been so busy with life stuff but I really really want to as it looks soooooooo funny.  Cameron Diaz is one of my favourite actresses and I find her hilarious, she is really very talented.  I'm hoping to see this film before it stops at the cinema but otherwise I will probably buy the DVD as I think it's going to be a must have.

I used to watch EastEnders religiously when I was at school but then as I got older I found the storylines got a bit naff and it was all about Hollyoaks for me.  However, recently the storyline with Lucy Beale's death has had me gripped.  I read about it online about a month ago and started watching it and now I can't get enough.  Never thought I would be an 'Enders fan again but stranger things have happened!

Lauren xx

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