10 Things To Try In Superdrug

Now you know me, I’m a big drugstore girl at heart.  I love a bargain and if I can get something that’s just as good for half the price then I will.  So this post is going to feature my favourite drugstore products.

I love everything in the MUA range really bcos it's so affordable.  The lipsticks start at just £1.  These palettes come in a lovely array of colours, you get 12 eyeshadows and for just £4.  You can't go wrong!

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

These lip lacquers are absolutely gorgeous.  Super pigmented and last for hours.  They're like a mixture between lipsticks and lipglosses so no need to fuss about with two different products.

I've talked about these before on my blog as I love the rose gold colour for being a dupe of Nars orgasm.  I also like the palette blushers they do where you get 3 different colours for £10.  The packaging is rather swanky too!

So many different colours and finishes I just couldn't pick my favourite.  I do really love the nude collection and have two of the shades in honey beige and tanterlising taupe.

I gave one of these a try a few months ago and did feel that it made my teeth a shade or two whiter.  I also love the Oral B Brilliance 3D toothpaste.

A little bit more on the pricey side for drugstore but still worth the money.  These eyeshadows come in some beautiful colours and have such a pretty finish, rivalling the pigments from MAC.

I've written about these before too bcos they're one of my all time favourites products. They have such a good lasting power and can be used as a base to hold other eyeshadows or on their own.

I'm not a massive lover of drugstore foundations and prefer to use high end but I've heard so much hype about this one that it must be good.  I definitely want to try it once I've finished with my Arbonne one.

Again I don't always use drugstore mascara but I've heard so much about this one I really want to try it.  I actually recommended it to my sister when she was looking for a drugstore one and she loves it so maybe I will give it a go next!

Just all of them!  I couldn't possibly narrow it down to my top 10 let alone favourite.  So many shades, so many finishes, just amazing nail polish basically.

Happy Shopping!

Lauren xx

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