Outfits of The Week

So with London Fashion Week just around the corner I thought what better time than to do an updated Outfits of The Week!

Starting off with this rock chick look.  I'm wearing Raybans (yes it was sunny this day surprisingly!), my 'Run DC10' t-shirt I got in Ibiza, black waxy skinny jeans from River Island and red converse.  I was meeting my mum for lunch this day so I just wanted something comfortable and thought this went well.  Millie Mackintosh has these skinny jeans which is why I originarly bought them and now I'm obsessed.  You can dress them up and down.  I was meeting my mum just a short walk from my flat so obviously had to have my Beats for my tunes!

This is me in Liverpool town centre and it was bloody freezing this day.  (I'm also hungover if you can't tell from my face).  Therefore, I wanted to wear something super comfty, especially as I was travelling back to London later that day.  I'm wearing my Hermes Homies beanie, a black long coat with leather sleeves from Zara, a dress by H&M and boots from Tesco.

This is just a random outfit I threw together when I was chilling with a friend at home. Again, got headphones on as always need those tunes in my ears!  My top is from Abercrombie & Fitch, the shorts are Forever 21, I can't remember where the socks are from now but you can get them everywhere and then my navy converse.  I love to wear little shorts and long socks, it just looks really cool and quirky but it still comfortable. Normally a look I go for in autumn or spring time when seasons are changing.

This is me going to the pub with a friend.  I was having a bad hair day so I threw on this hat by M&S.  The jacket is Tesco, vest is Primark, jeans are Zara and boots are Tesco.  I wanted a bit of colour to brighten up the navy jeans and black boots and I thought the clashing red and blue went well.

These are my new trainers I bought recently and I'm in love with them.  I just think they're super trendy, cool and again quirky which suits my style.  I wear them with tights and shorts or just skinny jeans.  They're from H&M.

This is me at work.  I don't know why I look so surprised, maybe I'm just really sleepy and trying to look extra awake haha.  This jumper is from Topshop and is super cute with short sleeves so I pair it over a long sleeved black silk shirt in the winter.

Lastly is me going for a run.  I've got a purple vest on from H&M who I think do great sports clothes.  Not really a shop most people would look for sports clothes but you have to check it out bcos it has such a good range.  The leggings are Missguided and the trainers are Nike.  I do love a good run!

I hope you all enjoy Fashion Week.  I can't wait to see what new deigns are out.

Lauren xx

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