Healthy Breakfast Ideas

So I know it's very nearly Christmas and the last thing you're probably thinking about is healthy foods!  But we will be in 2014 before you know it so I thought I would get you all prepared for New Year resolutions and list a few ideas for healthy breakfasts.  I know it's cliche but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  I always always make time for breakfast and here's a few that I enjoy to make.  They are all quick and easy.

Porridge with almond milk - this is going to give you lots of energy and keep you full until lunch time.  I prefer to get rolled oats rather than the packet stuff as it has less sugar. You could swap the almond milk for regular cow's milk if you prefer that also.

Yogurt - sometimes if I'm in a mega rush then I can just grab a yogurt and take it to work with me.  I go for healthier ones with less sugar such as Greek yogurt or french style ones.

Grapefruit juice - this juice is amazing to drink because it is full of antioxidants and really gets your metabolism going.  You could also have an actual grapefruit which would be even better!

Banana - these are full of potassium which means they're going to give you energy and keeping you going till lunch.  You could also chop one up and pop it over your porridge or yogurt.

Boiled egg - eggs are low in fat but give you protein which is going to keep you full and stop you from snacking.  I would recommend having two of these or one with a slice of toast.

Peanut butter on wholewheat toast - this is probably my favourite breakfast because I absolutely love peanut butter.  I think you either love it or hate it so this might not be for you.  I have one slice of wholewheat toast and either a low fat or organic peanut butter. The peanuts have got healthy oils in them which are good for your joints.

Black coffee - some people (or maybe most people) just can't start their mornings with coffee so if you're going to do this go for a black without the cream, milk, double whatever from Starbucks.  The Americano has a lot less calories, fat and sugar but will still give you that kick of caffeine you need to wake up.

Orange juice - so many vitamins in this juice, C being the main one.  This is great for boosting you up if you are feeling a little under the weather or hungover!  It will get all those much needed vitamins and minerals back where they should be.  Make sure you go for the real stuff and not the from concentrate stuff though.

Cranberry juice - this is another juice that has lots of antioxidants and is great for cleaning your system out.  So good if you've consumed a lot of alcohol and need to give your kidneys and liver a proper detox (especially after the Christmas/New Year period!).

Cereal with almond milk - cereal can also be very filling but make sure you check the sugar content because a lot of them are loaded with hidden calories and are high in sugar. I normally have Bran Flakes or Special K.

I hope you found this useful.  They are all simple breakfast ideas that you can actually make yourself before work in the morning.  I've had a search of the internet in the past and although they have good suggestions some of them are just not practical for the working person (egg white scrambled eggs with smoked salmon?! I think not!).

This will be my last post until 30 December so I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

Lauren xx

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