My Current Skincare Routine

One of the good things about being in and out of lockdown is that I've had more time to really perfect my skincare routine.  I've always been pretty good with my nighttime routine but I didn't have much of a morning one so now that I\"m not rushing out the door to get to the office I have been able to figure out what my skin needs during the day as well as the night.


I still want to keep my routine quite simple in the mornings because when things do go back to normal I don\"t want to be wasting a lot of time on it.  So this is what I've been doing:

Step 1: Clean my face with some micellar water and a cotton pad.  I use this one from Superdrug.

Step 2: Spray my face with a mist.  I use either the Mario Badescu Aloe Vera one or this one from Caudalie.

Step 3: I use a vitamin c serum as it really helps to brighten the skin.  I'm currently loving this one from The Ordinary.

Step 4: I go in with SPF, this is so important for protecting your skin from the sun, even in the winter.  I use this tinted one from La Roche Posay.


I like to spend a little more time on my skin in the evenings if I can because I think over night is when the magic really happens!

Step 1: I use an oil based cleanser to remove my makeup.  I currently mix it up between this Bareminerals one, this Elemis one and this Clinique one.

Step 2: I use a foaming cleansers to really clean my skin and remove any last bits of makeup.  I'm currently using this one from Drunk Elephant, this one from First Aid Beauty and this one from Cerave.

Step 3: Use a toner to brighten my skin.  I use this one from Clinique, this one from Superdrug or this one from Pixie.

Step 4: I use a serum targeted for my skin's needs.  I'm currently using this one from The Ordinary and it's so good for my dry skin.

Step 5: I use a moisturiser or oil to hydrate my skin.  I'm currently using this one from Superdrug, this one from Olay, this one from Josie Maran and this one from Origins.

What does your skincare routine consist of?

Lauren xx

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