Spring Trends 2021


Neutrals are still very much around for this year.  I'm seeing more and more people going for the minimal/less is more look and I'm all for it.  There's just something that I find really chic about minimal looks and as I get older I find myself gravitating to these looks over the bold colours and clashing patterns that I loved a few years ago.



Green almost falls into the neutral category and I think that's why we're seeing more of it.  It also goes really well with neutral outfits if you just have a pop of green.  It's a cool way to wear colour if you're not that daring.  I much prefer to just wear a pop of colour now than all over colour.  Mint green and khaki green are particularly popular.


I think at first people were a bit skeptical about shackets as they were a little bit too casual to fall into the chic minimalist category and I think they reminded us of lumberjacks.  However, they've slowly made their way out there and now they seem to be a firm favourite and of course you can buy them in your favourite neutral colours.



Vests are another trend that people were on the fence about to start with.  I've always been a fan of vests but would only really wear them in the office over shirts.  Now I like to style them over t-shirts especially puff sleeves if I want to feel a bit more dressy.  They're actually super practical for spring too as they provide an added layer of warmth during the chillier mornings and evenings.

Will you be wearing any of these trends this spring?

Lauren xx

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