My Plans For The Year 2020 And A Look Back At 2019

I don't like to set strict goals of stuff I feel I have to achieve by a certain time frame.  I think I know more than most that some things take more time and everyone's timescales are different.  Rather, I like to set goals of things I want to make more of an effort with and work towards or progress at.

This year I would like to be more sustainable which I think it an important one that a lot of people are making more of an effort with.  I aim to do this by being more conscious and mindful about what I'm consuming.  I want to reduce the amount of plastic I use.  Although I don't eat meat I want to reduce the amount of dairy I eat.

I want to take time for more self care this year.  I think this is another important goal that I would encourage everyone to set.  It doesn't mean you have to be selfish or indulgent but just once a month take the time to do something for yourself.  I always treat myself to a facial each month but I want to incorporate more massages as I think this is good for detoxing.  I also want to start mindfulness classes.

The last thing I would like to do more of this year is spend time with my family.  This is a goal that seems to reoccur each year because I get so busy with life that I sadly don't always see those closest to me.  I am religious about seeing my grandparents once a month and will continue with that but I really should see my parents and sister more, especially now I am going to be an aunt!

Now to reflect on 2019, it was actually a really really good year.  2018 definitely had its ups and downs but 2019 was pretty much all ups!  We have created this beautiful home that continues to get better and better, we got engaged, I got a big promotion at work and then I found out my sister is having a baby in May of this year so I will be an aunt for the first time!

I'm so excited for 2020, I think it's going to be another great year.  We are already planning trips to Sweden, India, Scotland, Canada and Austria.  We have a wedding to plan, more home improvements and a little niece or nephew coming!

I wish you all the best for 2020.  Please share some of your goals below!

Lauren xx

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