My House Cleaning Routine

A slightly different post today but following the rise of Mrs Hinch and other cleaning accounts a like I feel there is a definite increase in people enjoying cleaning.  I for one hated to clean and when I lived in my flat we would have a cleaner to clean for us.  However, when I moved into my house last year I realised it would be a lot more expensive to get a cleaner for a 4 bed house than it would a 2 bed flat so I had to give it a go myself.

Luckily this is when I discovered Mrs Hinch and it strangely got me excited to go out and buy cleaning products and start using them.  Over time of watching Mrs Hinch's videos I've unknowingly created my own cleaning routine and what products I like best so here it is:

Dining Room

I use diluted Zoflora on the dining room table, Febreeze to freshen up the chair seats and curtains and Windolene and Elbow Grease on the patio doors.


First I go round with Dettol and wipe down the surfaces, then I use Cif cream to clean the hob, Cif stainless steel on the sink and then go over everything again with diluted Zoflora.  I also use Dettol on the cupboards.

Living Room

I dust everything and then spray it with Mr Sheen.  I also use Febreeze on my sofas and fake plants and 1001 on the rug.

Washing Machine

To wash my clothes, towels and bedding I use a mixture of the scent boosters, a colour catcher depending on what colours I'm washing, Fairy gel and Lenor fabric conditioner.


I hoover or sweep the floors first then I mop them down with a mixture of water, Zoflora and flash floor wash.


I use Mr Muscle bathroom on all the sinks, Flash in the bathroom and showers, Viakal to do the stainless steel, Astonish on the glass and then for the toilets I use pine bleach, Cif wipes and sometimes the Bloo powder to finish.  I also prefer to wash the floors with lemon floor wipes from Wilko.


I use Windolene on the mirrors, a duster and Mr Sheen on the chest of drawers and side tables, spray the bed with Febreeze and place tumble dryer sheets in the pillow cases.

I don't generally do this all in one day unless I've had a busy week.  Somethings I do more often, other things less just depends!

Do you have any cleaning tips and tricks to share?

Lauren xx

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