3 Things I Want To Stop Apologising For

As human beings and especially Brits we are programmed to constantly subconsciously apologise.  Even when it's not our fault!  If someone knocks into me at the station in the morning we will both instantly apologise for example.  We just can't help it and although it may seem like the polite, correct thing to do I think maybe we need to take a backstep in some instants and just stop because it's not always necessary.

My appearance

If I don’t feel like I’ve dressed up enough or am smart enough on a certain occasion I will always apologise ‘sorry I’m a bit casual today, sorry I have no makeup on, sorry I’ve just scraped my hair up today’.  But why do we feel the need to do this?  What’s wrong with just wearing comfortable clothing from time to time?  If I feel more comfortable I generally work better so surely that’s a good thing?  I LOVE not wearing makeup and letting my skin breathe and I honestly think this is one of the reasons I have such clear skin.  As for my hair, I am a busy woman, I really don’t have time to wash, dry and style it every day!  Men don’t, so why should we?

My priorities

Lately I feel like I’ve been letting friends and family down by prioritizing doing work over seeing them.  I work full time whilst trying to study for further law exams and it’s not easy.  Sometimes you have to make a choice and prioritise your needs.  However, I’ve worked my butt off to get as far as I have and although I’ve made A LOT of sacrifices along the way it kind of has been worth it and I know it will pay off in the end.  So really I shouldn’t feel bad and I know my friends and family will only want me to do well so they understand too.

My feelings

It has taken me this long to realise that feelings are something that are completely out of our control.  We really can’t help how we feel and therefore we shouldn’t have to apologise for it.  I sometimes feel like I’m being dramatic by getting upset or angry of some menial issue and will apologise for snapping at people.  This is fine but at the same time there is a reason for being upset over something and so we shouldn’t feel like we were wrong to feel this way.

Is there anything you want to stop apologizing for?

Lauren xx

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