The Seven Year Friendship Itch

Sadly, as we go into our late twenties and early thirties we notice our friendship group growing smaller and smaller.  Everyone seems to be busy settling down, spending more time with their partners and families, saving for a house or a wedding or not having anyone to babysit.  This is perfectly normal and so don't threat if you feel like you're losing your friends or perhaps that you're a bad friend that never has time for anyone anymore.

I'm definitely guilty of this.  Some of my closest friends I have only seen once or twice this year!  But when I think about it we have been travelling so much and saving to buy a house. I've been studying for exams which takes a lot of my spare time up and then trying to keep up with my blog and Instagram. A lot of my friends got married last year and have had babies this year so it's not as easy to get together like we used to.

I think the most important thing, however, is communication.  Making sure you just pick up the phone and dropping your friends a quick text to check in and ask how they are.  It doesn't require much of your time at all but it is so important.

Some friendships though can't be saved and that's okay.  You grow apart and have different priorities and as much as you try to make an effort with them if they don't give anything back you need to just let it go.  Or sometimes you may change as you grow older and don't have as much in common anymore.  That is okay too because chances are you will meet new people that you do have stuff in common with.

What's your best piece of friendship advice?

Lauren xx

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