Do We Still Marry For Love?

Today's society is such a strange one, with Millennials taking over the internet [world], feminists finally having a voice and veganism being the fastest growing movement of 2017.  But yet we still aren't anywhere nearer to getting world peace and it makes me wonder about love and whether we still even marry for love?

If we go back to the 18th century, no-one really married for love.  Girls from high society families would be set up with a man from a similar social class by their parents and would marry for money.  The girl would then be reliant on the man and his family to provide for her and any children she may have.  

Marrying for money, however, makes you very vulnerable.  If you are then reliant on the man to look after you you would have to be willing to turn a blind eye to his affairs or abuse he may put you through.  If you don't, you will be divorced and poor.  Obviously the situation is not as bad in this day and age because girls can go out and get good jobs and look after themselves.

Even so, it does seem like some people just settle and put up with stuff just because they think they will have a better lifestyle if they do.  I think as always the media is to blame for this.  They blast all over the internet these glamorous lifestyles and some girls think the only way to achieve this is by getting with a rich man.

Ladies, we are strong independent women, please know your worth.  Just look around at the #MeToo movement and see how strong some of those ladies are.  We don't need men to have beautiful things, we can get that ourselves.  Find someone who has a good heart and fall in love.  Once you have found that special person you will feel like you have everything you could ever want anyway.

What are your thoughts on love today?

Lauren xx

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