How To Make Your Concealer Look Invisible

Concealer is possibly my favourite makeup item.  I love how a good one can covers all flaws and sins.  Sometimes if I want a more natural look I ditch the foundation and just put a little concealer over the parts that need more coverage.  When it comes to foundation I normally go for a light-medium coverage and then get a more full coverage concealer.

However, the problem with getting a fuller coverage concealer is that sometimes you can really see it and it can look cakey which is not a look I like to go for at all.  I love keeping my makeup as natural as possible.  So how do you avoid your concealer looking cakey and get it to look more invisible?

Less is more.  If your concealer is thick then start with a little bit and build it up until your happy.

Use the correct shade.  If you want the concealer to be less obvious then you need it to match your foundation and skin colour.  I know some people like it to be highlighted but this is different if you are using it to cover up.

Blend, blend, blend.  If you do feel like you've put too much on then be sure to blend it out properly so that it all matches in with your foundation.

Set it.  Lastly, once you have your concealer how you want it be sure to set it in place with a good powder so that it doesn't crease or smudge off during the day.

What are your favourite concealers?  I've always loved the MAC prolong wear.

Lauren xx

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