Summer Shoe Style: Espadrilles

Espadrilles have been the shoe of the summer for decades now.  I remember my mum owning numerous pairs in the 90s and then finally getting my hands on some myself by the 00s.

I think the reason they have always been so popular and have always made a comeback is because of how versatile they are.  They come in so many different styles ranging from super casual flats to evening appropriate wedges.  With so many colours and patterns and that cute little iconic tie up ribbon around the ankle, not to mention how comfortable they are, it’s easy to see why the espadrille is here to stay.

And because of their ever increasing popularity it means that everyone from Kurt Geiger to Primark are designing them which means they are affordable for every price point.  Here are some of my favourites for this season:

ASOS - £38

New Look - £15

Kurt Geiger - £99

What do you think about espadrilles?

Lauren xx

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