Beach Libraries

I was scrolling through Twitter the other day and saw a picture of a library... on a beach..?  So after further research I discovered this was in fact a thing.  This makes me very excited indeed because if there's anything more that I love than sitting and reading a good book, it's sitting and reading a good book on the beach!

I feel like libraries are so underrated now too.  Going to the library was one of my favourite things to do as a kid and I honestly feel that's where my love of reading, and possibly writing, started.  It's such an affordable way to keep up with the latest novels too and a great thing to get kids into.

Santa Monica, LA

The beach library first started in Bulgaria about 5 years ago.  It was brilliant because there's nothing more annoying than being on holiday and finishing your book and then being like.. now what do I do?!  So that's where the crazy idea of a beach library was born.

Now other resorts around the world have joined in on the trend including Dubai, India and Belgium.  I think this is such an awesome idea and can't wait to seek them out on my future travels.  In fact I am off to Belgium next month!  I would also like to see some popping up along the South Coast in England.  Brighton is one of my favourite places to visit and I think a beach library would fit in perfectly there.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

What are your thoughts on beach libraries?

Lauren xx

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