My Netflix List

Netflix has been around for a good few years now and pretty much everyone and their dog has it right?  Nope, I don't have Netflix.  I know!  BUT I'm much more of a book/writing person than a watching films/TV person.  I literally never have my TV on, it's redundant. However, I recently decided that maybe it's about time I get with the programme (literally!) and sign up to Netflix.

I always hear people talking about all the good shows and films they offer and seeing as it's so ridiculously cheap, why the hell not.  So I made up a list of the shows I want to see.. whether I will actually watch any of them is a different story!  Does anyone have any to add though because I think it's safe to say I am fairly out of the loop when it comes to this ;)

2 Broke Girls
American Horror Story
Breaking Bad
Desperate Housewives
Devious Maids
Gossip Girl
Happy Valley
House of Cards
Jane The Virgin
Making a Murder
Melissa and Joey
The OC
Orange is the New Black
Pretty Little Liars
Scream Queens

Let me know if you have any other good ones!

Lauren xx

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