The Top I Wear Over And Over

Not going to lie, I have A LOT of clothes, no like seriously it's a problem.. but a good problem.  So obviously I'm quite spoilt for choice when choosing an outfit and don't have to be a repeat offender that often except with this top because this top is just my go-to and I have no shame in admitting I wear it over and over.

It's such a simple white vest with just a frill along the top for a little extra but comes in handy with so many outfits, especially in the summer.  I always pack it for holidays as I can dress it up or down with various different outfits.  AND it shows off your tan great.  It's comfortable and light weight, just everything really!  

I bought this one on ASOS but a lot of places do them.  So yeah, nothing groundbreaking but surely every girl has their go-to item?

What's your go-to item?

Lauren xx

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