February Style Tips

February already!  But honestly, I'm quite glad January is over.  It's such a depressing month and so bloody cold here in London!  Bring on the Spring; warmer days, longer evenings and better outfits that don't get covered up in oversized coats and scarfs.

So what are we predicting for February trends?  I'm actually attending Fashion Week at the end of this month so I could wait until then but I'm going to hazard a guess anyway.

Chunky jumpers will still very much be around which is great because I've bought about a zillion the past month or so!

Lots of white as we go into Spring, a colour I have really grown fond of recently.

Wire rimmed glasses for an edgy vibe.  I'm yet to try these, I just don't think they will suit me?

Sequins and candyfloss hair?!  I'm always down for sequins :)

What do you predict the trends will be for February?

Lauren xx

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