February Blues

I don't know if February Blues is a thing but it is now.  It's so cold, no-one has any money, nothing really happens until Fashion Week and then it goes back to being meh.  Aren't I cheery today!  Maybe I'm just miserable because fashion week is basically over and I have nothing else to look forward to?  I need a holiday!  I think I will look at places this weekend.

Does anyone have any exciting plans coming up?  I need some inspiration.  One thing I am looking forward to is building my shoe wall which I will do a full bedroom tour post on soon.  I hope it's going to look as good as I envisage!

Anyway, sorry for such a rambling post.  I cannot wait for Spring and holidays and longer days.  Oh and a new wardrobe.  Fashion Week has me so excited for all the new trends.  I will do a full post on it soon.  For now, I'm just going to keep pushing on until this miserable month is over and the sun appears and my writer's block goes away!

How has your February been?

Lauren xx

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