New Favourite Sunless Tanner

I'm always on the look out for a new tanning product.  It's just a product that excites me, as lame as that sounds.  I'm naturally quite pale and don't like to use sunbeds or tan in the sun too much as I personally don't think it is good for the skin so I opt for the next best thing which is a sunless tanner.  There are so many on the market these days and a lot of them are super affordable.

My old favourite was always St Tropez and whilst I still believe it is a good tanner I recently discovered that the brand tests on animals which doesn't sit well with me, especially since going vegan this year.  Anyway, I was browsing the tanners in Superdrug a few months ago and came across one I hadn't seen before; Sunkissed.  

I decided to give Sunkissed a go because it was in a dark formula which I liked, a mousse so super easy to apply and only £3.  I gave it a go later that evening and was so pleasantly surprised!  It's so so good and at such a great price point, I couldn't believe it.  It's definitely my new favourite.  It does wash off slightly after showering but I am happy to apply it every few days as it's so easy.

I do still want to try to Bondi Sands sunless tanners as I don't think they test on animals.  I'm just waiting for them to release the ultra dark formula in the UK which I think should be around February time.  So I will keep you posted once I give that a go and let you know which I prefer.  I would definitely check out the Sunkissed tanner if you can get your hands on it though, super natural looking and no streaks at all!

Which sunless tanners do you use?

Lauren xx


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