Stylist Live, London

On Sunday I got to attend the Stylist Live event in Angel, London.  I've never actually been to one before and didn't know too much about it other than the Stylist magazines they hand out at the stations every week.  In actual fact though it turned out to be one of the best fashion events I've ever attended. There was so much to see and do.

There were various talks and catwalk shows going on throughout the day and loads of stalls selling clothes, accessories, makeup and food.  The talks we got to attend were one on skincare by Caroline Hirons, who by the way is absolutely hilarious and well as super knowledgable in the beauty world.  I learnt so much from her and now can't wait to use this as excuse to buy more skincare products!

We then attended one of the catwalks showing the 5 different trends of this season; Sportswear, Velvet Goldmine, Intergalactic, Spice World and The Navy Coat.  What I loved about this catwalk was that they gave you a leaflet before sitting down showing where you can shop the looks and they're are all from high street brands, win!

Then we attended a talk on how to sleep better and have more energy.  I was pretty interested to hear this and get some good tips as although most nights I sleep well, I sometimes wake up in the night and definitely don't feel too energized during the day.  One of the tips she did suggest was to eat breakfast within 30 minutes of rising which I am going to try.

After that we walked around and looked at the stalls.  They had a Urban Decay stall with artists giving demonstrations.  I love their makeup!  They also had a Look Fantastic stand which had their beauty boxes so my friend and I decided to get one for £10 each and they had 7 products inside.  The products are great including a Wet Brush, eyebrow shaper, Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips, Cow Shed hand cream, Illamasque lip liner, Ren face cream and Eve Lom cleanser (sample).

Have you ever attended the Stylist Live event?

I will definitely go again next year!

Lauren xx


  1. It's such a wonderful experience! Seems like you had lots of fun!
    I would love to go too! ;)

    Laura |

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  3. This looks like a lot of fun! Love all of the metallics on the runway!

    She Likes to Shop


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