The Nude Makeup Staples

I'm on a bit of a beauty roll at the moment.  It swings in roundabouts, sometimes I'm all about fashion and others it's makeup.  At the moment it's definitely makeup and with that makeup it's definitely about the nudes.  Whether it's nude lips or nude eyeshadow I just gotta have it right now and there are some beautiful nude products around the market at present.

Any beauty blogger will tell you that having a nude [lipstick/gloss/eyeshadow] in their collection is an essential.  It's a colour that will go with any look and can be dressed up or dressed down.  If you read my last post about my NYX lip collection, you'll know that they're one of my fave brands.  The nudes that I own from them are the creme brulee butter gloss and stockholm lip cream.

Anastasia Beverley Hills are another brand that do some amazing nude lip products, I especially want to get my hands on their new liquid lipstick in the shade naked.  However, you don't have to splash out on the expensive stuff, Maybelline has a whole collection of nude lipsticks as does Rimmel which they collaborated with Kate Moss on.  I have a couple of the Maybelline ones and they're a really good formula.

As for eyeshadow it's always a good idea to have a nude/bone colour in your collection to set your eyelids for shadow or for an everyday more natural look.  Again, Maybelline do a really affordable palette with lots of nudes and neutral colours.  I also picked up a really nice one from MUA.

Is nude a makeup staple for you?

Lauren xx


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