It might seem a bit odd to talk about shearling in the middle of summer.  However, if you live in the UK you'll know that we're not really having much of a summer right now.  Today I was at the Kayla Itsines bootcamp in London (OMG amazing, post coming soon!) and Kayla, bless her, was like "I love London but why so cold?!" haha, our weather is ridiculous.

So anyway, yeah I'm still wearing jackets, scarves, hat and SHEARLING!  Shearling has been really big the last year and I believe I did a post here about my love for it but I wanted to bring it back around and do an updated post with some new bits I've seen around.  I still have massive love for my stearling longline waistcoat I got from Dagenham market and in summer (British summer that is) I can still wear it over t-shirts.

How are you coping with the British summer?

Lauren xx

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