Why Do You Workout?

I've decided to write January off and start a fresh in February.  Did anyone else do that? January was just a bit of a rubbish month for me but I'm determined not to let it ruin the rest of my year.  I have so many goals for this year already and now I'm excited!

One of my goals for this year is to stay fit and healthy.  I've always been really good at going to the gym and people often ask me how I keep that habit up so I thought I'd share some of the reasons why I workout and maybe inspire you with some of your fitness goals.

Body Transformation

It's amazing what the human body can do if you help it reach it's potential.  When I workout I can see my body changing inside and out.  I see muscle growth and a more tone and lean self but also my well being improves, I can push myself for longer each time and I feel good.


I always find I sleep better after a good exercise class.


Despite being able to sleep better because it wears me out, in the long run I have more energy each time I exercise and I can push myself that little bit further.


Exercise is great for stress relief.  As a lawyer my day job can be quite trying and so a good cardio class or even yoga class can wipe all negativities of the day away.

Weight Gain

I've always been underweight since I was a child.  I have a very fast metabolism and find it hard to gain weight through food.  However, by doing certain exercises in the gym combined with lots of protein I can gain weight by gaining muscle.

Why do you workout?

Lauren xx


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