Vogue 100 Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery

Last week I was invited to attend a preview of the new Vogue exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  The exhibition is celebrating an amazing 100 years of Vogue! I can't believe it has been going that long, since the 1st World War!  So I was very excited to receive an invitation as I always love attending events at the National Portrait Gallery.

The exhibition displayed all the best covers of the magazine and some of the beautiful photos from shoots that have taken place over the last 100 years.  I was in awe looking at the stunning photography of some of the most famous people in the world.  I was also fascinated to see some people that I hadn't even expected to appear in Vogue; The Queen, Boris Johnson?!

The exhibition is split into separate rooms and each room is designated to a different decade.  It was lovely to see some of the people that have appeared in the magazine in years way before I was born and also to see how the covers have changed over the years. One thing that also stood out for me was how much the magazine has changed in price; in the 1970s it was just 35p!  

Just FYI I get my Vogue on a subscription which works out a lot cheaper and means I don't have to keep running to the shop for it.  I then have all my editions displayed on a bookcase in my flat.

They also had a room with all the best covers from over the years.  My favourites being David Bowie, Princess Diana, Cara Delevinge and of course Kate Moss (she's been on loads!).  They then had a room showing a old fashioned video (which you can see on my Instagram @wonky_lauren) of how a photoshoot becomes a cover.

I would highly recommend this exhibition whether you're into fashion, photography or just like looking at photos of famous people, there is something for everyone!  The exhibition is now open to the public and the tickets are priced at £17 which you can buy in advance here.

Do you like the sound of it?

Lauren xx


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