My Current Skincare Schedule

Now winter has fully taken hold in the UK (I thought it already had but apparently it gets colder, thanks London!) my skin has completely dried out and is crying for some much needed hydration.  That means I need to swap around my products in order to meet my skin's needs during these bitter winter months.

Face Wipes

Face wipes are probably not the best thing for dry skin as I find they tend to strip the skin of it's natural oils as well as dirt and makeup.  However, they are so quick and easy that I can't help but have them in my cabinet.  The ones I'm currently using are YesTo Grapefruit which are meant to be hydrating.

Cleansing Oil

After the wipes I go in with the oil to hydrate the skin a bit more and remove any stubborn bits of makeup.  I currently using The Body Shop Camomile Oil which is great because it comes with a pump and has lasted ages.


You might think you don't want to exfoliate during the winter as it seems a bit harsh but 2-3 times per week is good for the skin as it gets rid of all the dry dead bits and leaves it soft and smooth again.  Just remember to use a good moisturiser after.  I still love my St Ives exfoliator.


I'm obsessed with moisturising my skin, especially during winter.  In fact, I'd rather wear no makeup and just moisturiser most days!  The one I'm currently using for winter is First Aid Beauty Intense Hydration.

Facial Oil

I hated facial oils when they first became popular and didn't like how they felt on my skin.  Nowadays they're probably my favourite skincare product.  My current favourite is the Josie Maran 100% argan oil.

Can you recommend any winter saviors to me?

Lauren xx


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