Thursday Ten: Where I Shop

Fashion is one of my biggest passions.  Fashion and writing which is exactly why I decided to start a blog.  I've never been a huge designer lover but love high street brands and bagging a bargain.  The only thing I really invest a lot of money in is handbags and maybe the odd pair of shoes.  So here are my favourite places to shop in store and online.

1.  ASOS

Who doesn't love this website?  They literally cater for all needs.  They have their own brand which I love and other brands giving you so much variety.  They have the best sales and give student discount.

2.  Topshop

This store has been a love of mine since I was in my teens and I can still remember getting my pay packet from my Saturday job when I was at school and literally spending all my wages here.  Their sales can be a bit of a jumble but they also give student discount.

This is probably my favourite online shopping website.  I went through a phase of making an order every single payday and am now friends with the courier lady haha.  They are so affordable and always have the latest trends.  I especially like to holiday shop here.  They do lots of special offers, discount codes and student discount.

4.  Sephora

I only get to shop here when I'm in the US as we don't have stores in the UK anymore (seriously, why would you get rid?!) but we can order online for a £10 shipping fee.  This shop is just make-up heaven.

5.  Amazon

Amazon is my go-to place for any little odd bits and pieces I need.  I used to order a lot of books from them but now I have my Kindle so I download e-books instead.  They're also great for electrical.  They're just one of those places where you're like "oh Amazon will have it" and they do.

I can honestly say I have probably visited EVERY store in NYC.  When I first visited New York in 2007 I became obsessed and every time I went back I'd spend about $100.  It's basically the US version of Primark.  Then in 2013 they decided to come to Blighty and all my dreams were answered.

7.  HM

I've been shopping in this store since I was little.  My mum bought a lot of our children's clothes from here and I just continued to shop into my adult years.  It's such a great shop for basics and I also really love their gym wear.

8.  Zara

Zara was another one I loved back when I was at school.  They do great jeans that fit me well as I'm quite tall and I find they make a lot of their clothes for tall people?  They also do great work attire.

Still classed as a high street brand but a little more pricey.  However, if you visit during sale time (now) you can be sure to grab a bargain.  Their clothes are made so well and will last so even if it's not sale time sometimes it's worth the investment.  They also offer student discount which helps!

This has to be my favourite department store and where I'll go for my designer handbags. They also have a great range of make-up counters and I could literally spend hours here. They've recently jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon and offer great discounts during this time.

Where do you like to shop?  

Lauren xx


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