What's In My Carry On?

I did a 'what's in my handbag' post here so carrying on the trend and with summer holidays coming up I thought I'd share what I took on my recent trip.

Firstly I just wanna say I am not a light packer.  I always squash as much as I can in my hand luggage especially for long haul flights.  I like to take my denim backpack as it helps distribute the weight on my shoulders and leaves my hands free.

I got this backpack from Primark about a year ago but I think they still have them in.

So, inside I carry my travel wallet which is this beautiful grey blue colour from Hermes. Inside I have my passport, travel documents and currency.  I then have my other purse with my cards and money etc.

After that I have my big headphones, little spare headphones, iPod (in case my phone dies although I notice you can now charge phones on most planes), Kindle and magazines.  I'm not always a fan of watching the in-flight entertainment and would rather read or listen to my music.

As well as that I like to take a lip balm and face moisturiser as my skin gets so dry on flights.  I also take some mascara to touch up before I land.

I'll normally have a pen thrown in there somewhere and a couple pairs of sunglasses as I don't like to put them in my case.  I also have to make room for my camera as again I don't like it in my main luggage.

For comfort I like to bring my neck pillow which is this fluffy cream one I recently got in Primark.  I also have a scarf and cardigan as I normally get cold with the AC.

And lastly I pack some biscuits in case I get hungry haha.  You are allowed to bring food in your hand luggage from the UK it's just liquids that aren't allowed.  I only realised that recently!

So yeah, I pack a lot haha.  What do you like to bring?

Lauren xx

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