Heartbreak Hotel at The Jetty

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending The Jetty in Greenwich for the production of Heartbreak Hotel.

Initially I was expecting it to be a musical on Elvis songs, however, I was proved wrong.

I took the tube to North Greenwich (The 02) and had a lovely short walk along the river to the venue.  The venue is on the end of a pier where you can sit outside and enjoy a cold drink in the sunshine.  The weather Saturday was perfect.

When I arrived, I went to “check-in” and was given a badge with my name on it.  Once inside we were told to split into two groups and were taken into different rooms of the hotel which the venue had transformed itself into.

In each of the rooms there was different scenery with different actors acting out different scenarios to do with heartbreak.  Each room took about 10-15 minutes and there were about 25 of us in there. 

It ended with a finale on the roof top with everyone singing and dancing along.  We then went downstairs for drinks at the bar and sat in the cool deckchairs admiring the amazing set-up of the venue.

What I loved about this production was the intimate setting and interaction with the audience.  You really felt like you were part of it and hence the reason for the name labels so they can play along with you.

The other thing I really liked was that the scenarios were all so true.  There was something that everyone could relate to in real life and had probably experienced.

Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting I was pleasantly surprised because it was something so different.  It was a nice bit of culture and the way they had done the venue to look like a hotel was so awesome.

It’s a beautiful venue and perfect if you have good weather.  I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who is looking for something a bit different from your usual theatre production.  You can buy tickets here.

Thank you to The Jetty for inviting me.

Lauren xx


  1. Great photos dear!



  2. Definitrly dounds like a really unique production, glad you had a good time!

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  3. Love the fun post<3 thanks for sharing the place looks super cool
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