Friday Favourites

Ahh Friday, my favourite day of the week.  Here's what I've been loving recently..


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Highlighted Hair

I had some highlights pulled through my hair about a month ago and I love them, I want to add some more!


I've always loved tofu but I've never really known how to cook it which sounds really dumb cos it's actually super easy.  Also, I find it hard to find in the supermarkets in the UK, it's always hidden somewhere so I often give up and buy something else.  These past two weeks I've been eating it non stop and it's a great source of iron for us vegetarians!

Country Music

It never really made a break through here in the UK.  We love a bit of Dolly but other than that we're clueless.  On my recent trip to the US (did I mention I'd been to Florida?!) I felt totally inspired by their country radio stations and will be listening to it more often!

The Lie by C.L.Taylor

I just finished reading the above book and it was so gripping I finished it in record time.  I also read her previous book The Accident but this one was better.  I would definitely recommend which brings me onto my next favourite..

Amazon Kindle

I bought a Kindle whilst in the US and I'm so pleased with it.  It's made my bag so much lighter than carrying a big heavy book around with me and I love that you can store all your books in one place so when you finish one you have another lined up.  I'm just about the start Stranger Child, I hope it's good!

Summer in London

This week has finally felt like summer and I really hope it stays!  Coming back from the sunshine in Florida was depressing enough.

My Bunnies - Coco and Panda

They're always a favourite of mine but I wanted to give them a special shout out this week because I had to take them to the vet to have their claws clipped and they were so scared as they barely go out the flat.  They were very well behaved though.

Happy Friday!

Lauren xx


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