Favourite Fake Tans: Revisited

Summer is nearly here!!  Yesterday when I left work it was 20 degrees in London, the sun was shining and the sky was blue.  So with summer on it's way I need to grab me some fake tan and put some colour on my pasty body.  Here are the fake tans I'm loving this year.

This has finally launched in the UK and can be bought in Superdrug for about £15.  I've always envied the Aussie girls not just because of their toned bods but because of the gorgeous tan they're always sporting.  Now we can get in right here in the UK and as sad as it is, I am very excited about this!

This has always been a favourite of mine.  I find it quite pricey so won't use it all the time, only for special occasions but I really like the gradual Everyday tan they have which comes out like a moisturiser.  I especially like to take this on holiday with me to top up my tan and keep my skin moisturised after a day in the sun.

I've been using this for a few years now, it's just a good, cheap instant tan that does exactly what it says on the package.  I get through quite a lot of bottles as I like it for every day when I go to work and just want a bit of colour in the summer months and I don't mind having to re-purchase it a lot as it's so affordable and doesn't streak at all.

I've always seen this in cheaper shops like Savers and Wilko but I'm always scared with cheap fake tans in case they streak but I've heard so many good things about this one.  I am yet to try it myself as I still have a bit of my Tan Truth left but for £3 a bottle I think I will buy the whole range and see what I like best (mousse, spray or lotion).  I will let you know!

Before and After using Superdrug Solait

What are your favourite fake tans?  I'm always on the hunt for a new one!

Lauren xx


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