The Best of 2014

Happy New Year!! (Even though we're nearly at the end of January).  One of my New Year's resolutions is to write on my blog more but more of that in my next post.
Here is what I've been loving throughout 2014.  What were your faves?
1. Most worn clothing item - really boring but probably my black wooly glitter leggings from Missguided (similar here).  I literally live in these at the weekends and even wear them to yoga sometimes.

2. Most worn shoes - again a bit boring but I'd say my Flossies I bought in Ibiza about 2 years ago for 10 euros (here).  They are so comfortable and practical for running about and again good for wearing to and from pilates classes.

3. Favourite foundation - I went a bit foundation mad this year and I may have to do a blog post reviewing some of them but I'd say my favourite from last year would be the Maybelline FitMe (here).  I have mine in 220 which is a perfect shade.  This foundation makes me look airbrushed and looks so good in photos.  It is a bit on the dewy side so maybe not suitable for oily skin, I have normal/dry skin.

4. Favourite palette - I bought a really good one from MUA actually (here).  I think it was only £4 and it was there neutral palette.  I took this on holiday with me as it had lots of useable shades.

5. Favourite mascara - LancĂ´me Hypnose mascara (here) made my lashes super long and full.

6. Favourite eyeliner - I'm not really into liquid liner as I just don't think it suits me.  I do like kohl liner for my bottom waterline though and the one I wore a lot last year was the nude shade from Rimmel (here) as it made me look more awake, especially good for work!

7. Favourite nail polish - I'm not a massive fan of nail polish.  I think it looks really pretty but it always chips on me and I never have time to re-paint and then it just looks awful so I tend to keep my nails clear.  On my toes however I was having gels for a while over the summer but then I got this really pretty turquoise shade from Essie at London Fashion Week and fell in love.

8. Favourite perfume - now perfume is something I'm a fan of.  I have about 20 bottles but my favourites would include the Paris Hilton to collection (here).  They're a really nice girly, sweet scent if that's your thing.

9. Favourite hair product or tool - for most of last year I was loving my Remmington Pearl curling wand but in December I purchased some Bellami hair extensions and they are amazing (here).  I will do a review soon.

10. Favourite snack - jeez this is hard.  I LOVE to snack!  My favourite snack, however, would have to be the fresh bakery cookies from Sainsburys (here) my ultimate guilty pleasure.

11. Favourite phone app - Hmm Instagram or Pinterest.  I just love checking out different styles and outfit inspirations.  Follow me here: @wonky_lauren

12. Favourite TV show - Hollyoaks or Eastenders.  Both have great storylines at the moment.  Broadchurch was amazing too and I can't wait to get into series two!

13. Favourite movie - The Fault in Our Stars.  Hands down.  Had me crying the whole way back to London when I watched it in flight.

14. Favourite song - anything by The Vamps!  I'm going to see them in May and I can't wait, such a fan girl haha.

15. Most watched YouTube channel - another obsession.  It's so hard to pick but I'd probably say Jaclyn Hill because she's such a babe and absolutely bonkers but I love it!

16. Store most visited - online Store I'd say Missguided.  I probably make an order from there every month when it's payday.  Such good choice and trends at reasonable prices.

17. Favourite item purchased - speaking of Missguided, I really love their cute coordinate sets.  I bought one for my holiday to Ibiza and another for America. 

18. Favourite lip product - I got a lot more into lip products this year and have especially been loving the Kylie Jenner look.  I bought East End Snob lip liner by Rimmel (here) and I think it's a good dupe.

19. Favourite accessory - got to be my fedora hat that I purchased from Spitalfields Market.  It's exactly like the one Millie Mackintosh has and I wear it so much.  It's really good quality too.

20. Best lesson - that the best things come to those who wait.  It's all about having patience and waiting for the right time.

21. Favourite memory - my holiday to Florida and The Caribbean.  It was so much better than I thought it was going to be.  I got asked my a friend last minute to take her ex's place and I was a bit dubious at first as we were going to Orlando (I like horror films, not Disney) and then on a cruise (I thought they were just for the retired) but I had the time of my life and enjoyed every single second.  I took some amazing photos on my new SLR camera which you can check out here.


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