September Favourites

It's officially 1 October which means I get to say 'OMG where did September go/where is this year going?!'.  But seriously?
Here is everything I have been loving throughout the month of September.
I always forget to add accessories to my outfit, even though I really love them.  I'm normally in too much of a rush and don't have time to add anything but this month I've made a conscious effort to try and remember at least to throw on some bracelets and I've been really loving stacking them together.  I've got a few Links of London ones which is a classic brand that I love because it's Made in England and I'm all about supporting English brands and our economy.  The black one I bought when in Sydney at a market by The Rocks.  I saw a lot of peace signs in Sydney and so I wanted to get this as a reminder of my time there.  I also got a peace sign tattoo at the famous Bondi Ink but that's another story!

I'm a HUGE music fan so I'm not going to go on and on about every song I've been loving and listening to this month but instead tell you what I've downloaded and if you have any suggestions you think I'd like then leave me a comment below.

This month I went to Hawksmoor which was bloody amazeballs and I wrote about it in this post so if you want to know more, check that out.
I also visited The Good Life Eatery in Chelsea because I saw Millie Mackintosh goes there a lot and we all know how much I love her haha.  It was really nice, quite small but we managed to get a table and I ordered an egg white omelette with spinach and courgettes and also a fruit smoothie.

I also went to Sketch but that was more for the epic cocktails!  Check the cocktail list out here.
My skin has not been great this month.  I seem to have had a few break outs because I think I've been burning the candle at both ends too much and not looking after myself properly, poor Lauren!  So I've been reaching for the concealer at a bit more than usual and my favourites have to be Mac Prolong Wear, this is high coverage and looks flawless.  I also like the Collection one for brightening and Boiing by Benefit to cover redness.
I'm not normally a candles person.  I have quite a few in my flat but I never burnt them until recently.  I find it very calming sitting in a room with a scented candle and the flame flickering away.  It's also nice to have them round the bath.  Always remember to blow them out at the end of the night though!
So those are my favourites, what have you been loving in September?
Lauren xx


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