My Favourite Highlighters

Before I got into makeup I had no idea how to use highlighter.  I think if someone had explained to me what it was I probably still wouldn't have used it.  The thought of adding glitter or shimmer to my face just reminded me of playing dress up as a little girl.  I was also confused by the idea of adding more shine to your face if your skin is quite oily anyway?
Now, however, it's a different story.  I completely get the idea of a highlighter and can see that it adds a subtle glow, lifting the cheek bones and giving the skin a hint of sex appeal.
The first highlighter that I tried was by The Balm and it was the Mary-Lou Manizer.  This is a white pearly skin of shimmer and I use it on the eyelids quite a lot too as well as the inner corner of my eyes.  It's just a great little compact and comes with a mirror.  I also want to try the Betty-Lou Manizer which has more of a golden glow and can be used all across the face for a bronzed Goddess look.
The other one I own is the Benefit High Beam which is a liquid formula.  I bought this because I'd heard great things about it and as much as it gives a pretty glow I find that where it is a liquid formula it sometimes rubs my foundation off?  I have started using it with a Complexion Sponge to dab it into the skin rather than wipe and that works a bit better.
The other highlighters I really want to try is MAC's soft and gentle.  The is probably the number one highlighter in the beauty world but I still don't own it.  Maybe a cheeky purchase on my trip to the states next month is in order!  I also want to try the Topshop one that comes in a contour kit as I think that would be good for travelling.  The Charlotte Tilbury one looks amazing but at £49 I'm not sure I can justify that on a highlighter!  A much much cheaper highlighter, however, is the one by MUA which gives a real wam bam shine for those special nights out.
Which are your favourite highlighters?
Lauren xx


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