Non-Beauty Favourites

I spend most of my blogging time rambling on about the latest beauty products and which ones I'm loving so I thought it was about time I did a post on non beauty related products.  I am actually a HUGE music lover and also like trying out all the latest gadgets, so I'm not just a pretty face (joke)!
I'm still very much in love with my blender and use it 2-3 times a week.  I love researching the internet to find different yummy but healthy recipes that I can make breakfast smoothies in.  I'm not the best at eating lots of fruit and vegetables so I find this a great way to start the mornings off by throwing in a load of ingredients, whizzing them up and drinking them down.
I'm not actually sure of the correct name of these but you know the ones I mean, like what the DJs wear haha.  I bought some from Sony which are great but I am looking to invest in some Beats one because they just look so cool and the sound quality is meant to be amazing.  I spend a lot of time with headphones on, I don't know why, I just prefer the music going straight into my ear and I can walk around the flat with them on when cleaning etc.
Bit of a random one and I can imagine a lot of people know and use this website already but it's so good and easy to use.  I always use it when ordering new credit cards or insurance AND you get a free cuddly toy haha.  Check out my bunny below with my latest Meerkat addition.

I read a lot, especially as I commute via train to work every day.  I never wanted to give in and get a Kindle because I like having an old fashioned book and I have a nice book case at home which I like to fill.  However, I probably walk about 3 miles every day and sometimes the books can be really heavy which is not good for my shoulders or back, especially as I have my bag one arm and not distributing the weight so I think it's time I give in and get myself an e-reader.
If you've read my other posts or watched any of my videos you will know I have a slight addiction to designer handbags.  The latest one I have my eye on is the little Lily bag by Mulberry.  I know this has been out a while now but I think it's a really good size and I haven't got many bags of this size (can you see how I make excuses for needing things!) so I may treat myself to this when I next get my work bonus!
What non-beauty favourites have you been loving?
Lauren xx
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