Summer Tan and Bronzing Picks

I've only been writing my blog for a year but this is probably my most talked about topic because, well, tanning and being brown is one of my most favourite things.  Sad I know, but it just makes me feel good when I have a tan and look healthy and glowy.  So here is my low down on my favourite tanners for summer 2014...

Budget Buy

My favourite budget tan at the moment has to go to the Superdrug solait tan.  It's under a fiver, streak free and lasts a good few days if you moisturise properly.  I can't get enough of this and use it twice a week to maintain a healthy looking glow.


I'm stuck between Fake Bake and St Tropez here because they're both really good and give long lasting tans.  I think maybe I like the Fake Bake a little bit more because the smell is not so bad and it's a tiny bit cheaper I suppose but usually I'll whip these out for a special occasion.


I think this is a cult favourite, it's the Rimmel instant tan and at the moment Binky from Made in Chelsea is promoting it and she looks bloody gorgeous.  It comes in 3 different shades and 2 different finishes (matte or shimmer).  I prefer matte myself, great if you need something quick and washes straight off if you go wrong!

Long Lasting

In this category I would have to say Tan Truth which you can buy at Sally's Salon Services. I used to have this when I went for a spray tan at the salon and liked it so much I thought I would give the lotion one a try at home.  It doesn't streak, gives a deep salon tan and lasts for over a week.


The best gradual tanner for me is the St Tropez Everyday.  I find it's the only one that truly gives you a bit of colour with one application.  It's only slight and can be buildable. The other good ones, however, are Dove Summer Glow and the original Johnson's Holiday Skin.

Which are your favourite tanners?  I'm always on the market for trying a new one.  In fact I think I might go and grab the new Cocoa Brown this weekend!

Lauren xx


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