Head Gear

When I say head gear I don't mean the unattractive dorky braces, I mean pretty floral head bands with bows that a lot of people have been sporting lately.
I didn't really like this look when it first came out.  Then I saw Cheryl Cole with her scarf folded and tied round her hair and also Phoebe from Made in Chelsea who is one of my fashion icons.  I thought they looked really cool and would give it a go.
And if anyone knows the DJ Hannah Wants (who I'm kind of a bit obsessed with lately) you will see that it's a statement look of hers to wear a bowed headband.
There seems to be lots of them everywhere in the shops at the moment and I picked this one up in Primark for £1.50!  It's super comfortable and the bow has bendy wire in it so you can have it flat or bend it up however you prefer.

Here's also a photo of me thinking I'm Hannah Wants!

What's your favourite head gear?
Lauren xx
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