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Not a great deal has happened this past week but the weekend was busy as ever though so here is my WLE.

It was my friend's 30th birthday at the weekend and she celebrated at a local pub in Brixton in a beer garden as the weather was perfect for it.  I wanted to dress up because it was her birthday but at the same time it was only a pub garden so didn't want to go too over the top.  So I decided on this maxi skirt that I got from Topshop when I saw Ashley Madekwe wearing it who is one of my style icons and I teamed it with a crop top from Primark and little sandals.

The pub garden was HUGE I couldn't actually believe it because from the front the pub looks so small and in a residential area which is why the shut the garden at 1030pm but it's still nice to sit in during the day.  You get a real mix of people there and it's full of picnic benches for all to sit on which gets you chatting to lots of new people.  If you live around the Brixton area and you like a good beer garden I would definitely check out The Duke of Edinburgh if you haven't already.

The pub sold good old pub grub and even had a bar outside serving food until about 10pm. I didn't try any because I'd already eaten but it did look really tasty and fresh.  I think it would be nice to eat there if you'd been there all day and was hungry.  We didn't get there till about 8pm so had already had dinner.  The prices weren't too bad either.

I do love a good beer garden and pub grub.  Can you recommend any good ones in the London area?

Lauren xx

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