MAC Ruby Woo - Worth The Hype?

Ruby Woo by MAC is a cult red lipstick that pretty much everyone in the beauty world owns.  I, however, was a bit late to the party on this one.  I love the look of the colour but because of the matte finish I wasn't sure if it would be too much hard work to keep looking fresh and luscious.  And I'm not a fan of hard work when it comes to make-up.

Anyway, on my recent trip to Ibiza I decided to purchase this lipstick at the airport.  I tried it out one night when I was out there and I did really like it.  It's such a lovely vibrant colour but you have to make sure you don't have any dry patches on your lip and apply a generous amount because other wise you get those cracks showing up... you know what I mean.

I think it would also be best applied with a lip liner which I didn't have with me whilst travelling.  I did have another lipstick called Poppy by Marks and Spencer.  This is a bright red colour but is a bit more creamy and so I layed them together and actually it worked really well.

So that's my trick to pulling off Ruby Woo.  What's yours?

Lauren xx

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