Different Kinds of Eyeliner

To some of you this may be a really obvious post but to those of you that are new to make-up like I was about a year ago then this might give you a few tips on which eyeliner will work best for you.

Starting off with the basics, you have kohl liner.  This comes in a pencil form and the product inside is a dry, soft and smudgeable texture that works really well on the waterline and tightline.  This is probably the easiest most simple eyeliner to start with if you're new and works well with a smokey eye even if you're rubbish at them because you can just smudge it altogether and no-one will know you started with a really wonky line! My favourite is this one by Bourjois.

Next up is liquid liner.  This is the one that creates that lovely winged flick on top of the eyelid that we all strive to get perfect.  Not always best for beginning unless you have a steady hand.  You can get a felt tip type one too which is sometimes a bit steadier but beware if the tip is rather large and you only want a thin line.  My favourites are Benefit and Barry M.

Then we have the very trendy gel liners.  These usually come in little pots with an angled brush.  Some people prefer them to the liquid liners as they say they are more black and easier to control.  Others find them harder so I think you just have to play around and see what works for you.  They are also meant to last the longest.  My favourite is from Bobbi Brown.

Lastly we have the powder form.  I'm not sure if this is really classed as an eyeliner but I've seen it used before as a pretty cool trick and is so easy to apply.  You basically take a black eyeshadow or whatever colour you want to use for your eyeliner and dip an angle brush in.  You then make the line as you normally would but it comes out lighter so easy to rub off if it goes wrong and then you just build the intensity up.  You can also use it over gel or liquid to set it in place.  My favourite is MAC eyeshadow in carbon.

Which is your favourite kind of eyeliner?

Lauren xx

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