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I've raved about this product A LOT in my blog recently and I'm going to rave about it some more because it's freakin awesome!!  It's the L'oreal Studio Supersize Spray.  I curl my hair and then I spray this in and scrunch my hair up and it just gives a real beachy, wave to it.  It lasts all night too which is good when you have long heavy hair like mine.

I don't think I've spoken much about my work life or career on my blog but I'm studying law at the moment and this Friday saw me receiving my penultimate exam result which I passed.  It was in criminal law which I do really enjoy although I'm not sure whether I'd ever want to work in it.  I am so pleased to have passed though and I only have one exam left to pass now!

To celebrate my exam success my friend and I ate at Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair.  They have two restaurants (an Asian style one and an Italian style one).  We ate in the Asian restaurant as I love Asian food and it was soooo nice.  It was a tad pricey (£80+ for two people, no alcohol) but it's nice to do these things every now and again.  We had mushroom dim sum, tempura prawns, vegetable noodles, jasmine rice and roast duck.

Lauren xx

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