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I mentioned this product in my drugstore favourites video here and I just can't get enough of it recently.  It's the Sleek blusher in rose gold.  It's such a pretty sheer colour, so wearable, perfect for spring and summer.  You can build the colour up or just have a slight hint if you wanted more focus on the eyes or lips.  I love it for daytime and nighttime and best of all it's only £4.50!  Apparently it's a dupe for Nars orgasm so there you go.  When payday comes around this Friday I'll definitely be in Superdrug trying out some of the other colours.

This weekend was the long 4 day bank holiday weekend and it was so so nice to have a break from the world and actually, London.  The weather was quite nice Friday so I went to Brighton for the day which is one of my favourite seaside towns to visit.  Saturday I did actually trek into London bcos I really wanted to see Lily Pebbles do her meet and greet at Westfield, Shepherd's Bush and it was a delight to meet her.  Sunday I was out in Essex for a friend's birthday.  We went to a bar/club place called The Brickyard which was really good.  They played great music and was open until 2am.  They also have a restaurant area which is meant to be nice, more 'fine dining' which I would like to try.  I'm finding a lot of places now are becoming restaurant/bar/club so as to cover all needs!  Monday I went into London again (so much for staying away!) and had a lovely oyster dinner at Sheekey.

No surprise as to what I'm going to mention here... EASTER EGGS!  The one time of year it is socially acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.  All day, everyday in fact. Okay, I may be getting a bit carried away now.  I got 3 eggs this year which is plenty to last me and fill my needs.  After that I plan on going back to a healthy eating routine.  I have bought the Honesty Healthy cookbook and am looking forward to cooking up some of their yummy but well balanced meals.

Our pet Shih Tzu going after my sister's easter eggs (she got more than me!)

Make sure you're subscribed to my Youtube channel to see my easter weekend lookbook going up tomorrow.  I hope you all had a good easter :)

Lauren xx

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