Top 5 Self Tans

So it's starting to get a bit warmer here in London which means we're wearing less clothing, which means we're showing more flesh WHICH MEANS.... we need to get our tan on!

Here are my favourite 5:

This is a lotion tan that I like to apply with a mitt.  It gives quite a dark colour so I mainly reserve it for nights out.  Although it's more of a high end tanner it lasts quite a long time.

This one is a moose so dead easy to apply and again I use a mitt.  I find it's not as dark as the Fake Bake one but gives a bit more of a golden natural tan.  I normally apply it before bed and then wash it off in the morning although be careful of your duvet as it can come off on the bed sheets.

Another one by St Tropez but this one is a moisturiser and so only gradually tans.  You can use it everyday to build up the desired colour and it does give a really nice golden glow like the original.  I like to take it on holiday with me and apply in the evenings to top up my tan as well as moisturise my skin after a long day in the sun.

This is a cheapy one from Superdrug but works just as good.  It comes in 3 different shades (light, medium and dark).  I apply this with a mitt and use it on days when I'm just going to work and want a bit of colour yet don't want to use the good stuff.  It does seem to come off in the shower so doesn't keep like the others but I don't mind for £7.

This is a spray tan so again really easy to apply and you won't get any orange hands!  It has a nice peachy smell too and dries pretty quickly.  The only thing I do find it that you only really get two coats out of it (that's full body) whereas the others you get a lot more.

Lauren xx


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