Blog Photography: Working With Backgrounds

When taking photos for your blog it’s important to get the background right so that it makes the main feature stand-out.  It helps to pick a theme for the mood you are trying to create with the product.  A light or pretty background will enhance the look of a ‘happy’ product whereas a dark or plain background will make a product look more ‘sad’.  So here are a few backgrounds that I like to work with.

The most important thing when taking any photo is probably to get the right lighting.  This can obviously prove hard sometimes because we don’t have natural sunlight 24/7 but we can fake it by getting a really bright light over the product or even a lampshade.  If I can I try to take my photos in natural sunlight and will sometimes put them on the window seal as I think this looks really affective.

White backgrounds are always great as they make anything stand-out.  Really simple but effective.  They also add a bit of light and nothing is going to get hidden or blended into the background.

Putting products onto an empty shelf can look good as it almost gives a ‘shop floor’ look and can look quite professional if done correctly.  You want to make sure the shelves or the wall in the background doesn’t clash too badly with the product so it’s still the main focus of the photo.

Wrapping Paper
Laying products down on top of pretty wrapping paper can look good especially if it is a plain product that you are showing and you want to add a bit of colour and fun to the photo.

Magazines and Notepads
Following on from the wrapping paper, if you don’t have any you can always use any magazines or even notepads that are lying around.  I think it looks really cool and on trend to photograph products laying over the cover of Vogue or stacking a few magazines up and standing the products on top.  This is one of my favourite backgrounds.

Another way to brighten up a photo could be to place them on top of a funky scarf or rug.  I have a shaggy sheepskin rug at home which I like to take photos on.  It’s white so still makes colours stand out but it is a bit more fun than just a plain white wall.

Table Tops
I have grey marble table tops in my kitchen so if I want a more darker look perhaps if I have a rather light product I will photograph them on here.  It’s all about finding a background that will contrast and make your product stand out.

This can be quite a hard one to work with as you don’t want them to overpower your product.  Sometimes you can edit the photo to blur the props out but this can take extra time so it depends how long you want to spend on it.  It can be nice as well if it ties in with the theme of the product you are displaying.  Candles work great as props!

So those are my tips, I hope they helped you.  I’m still far from satisfied with my photography skills but practise makes perfect and the important thing is just to work with what you’ve got.  Unfortunately most of us are not lucky enough to have a Pinterest worthy house!

Lauren xx

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